Dobari-style Deluxe Madake Shinai - Izumo no Kami

This Shinai is a Dobari-style Shinai made with the highest
quality Madake Bamboo. This Shinai is balanced towards the Tsuka, thanks
to the Dobari-style body of the Shinai, this makes the tip feel lighter
and faster.

The highest quality Madake Bamboo ensures that the
Shinai is very flexible and practical for Kendo. The diameter of the
Tsuka is approx. 26mm
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Product Description


SG-Mark of Japanese Consumer Product Safety Association

Each of these Shinai is manufactured by the Tozando Group in our ISO-9001 certified facility, and carries the Japanese Government's SG mark of quality. Each Shinai is cut from the same bamboo plant. 


Shinai Size Chart
Shinai Size Length Recommended for
30 ~91cm Elementary School (Height: 120~135cm)
32 ~99cm Elementary School (Height: 135~145cm)
34 ~105cm Elementary School (Height: 145~150cm)
36 ~110cm Elementary School (Height: 150~155cm)
37 Boys ~114cm Jr. High School
37 Girls ~114cm Jr. High School
38 Boys ~117cm Senior High School
38 Girls ~117cm Senior High School
38 Adult Ladies ~117cm University Students and Adults (+18yrs)
39 Mens ~120cm University Students and Adults (+18yrs)
39 Adult Ladies ~120cm University Students and Adults (+18yrs)


International Kendo Federation Specifications for Shinai
Specification Gender Junior High School (12-15yrs) Senior High School (15-18yrs) University students and Adults (18yrs+)
Maximum length Male & Female 114cm 117cm 120cm
Minimum weight Male 440g 480g 510g
Female 400g 420g 440g


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