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Tozando Custom-made Hand-stitched Kendo Bogu Set Tozando Custom-made Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set TOZANDO Custom-made Kendo Do
Tozando Custom-made Naginata Kote - Kyoto, Japan -  Completely Made in Japan! Tozando Nishijin Custom Brocade Bogu Bag Tozando Custom-made Kendo Kote - Kyoto, Japan -  Completely Made in Japan!
TOZANDO Custom-made Kendo Kote
Our Price: $170.95


Custom Bogu Equipment to Suit Your Needs

Tozando offers custom kendo equipment, luxury custom-made bogu bags and bogu sets for Kendoka. The Bogu bag features kimono fabrics in a variety of designs; each bag is handmade in Japan in the renowned Nishijin District of Kyoto, an area known for producing the most beautiful Kimono and related fabrics. This bogu bag is the ideal way to transport your bogu set. Itís large enough to fit a bogu set, hakama, kendogi, and other accessories, such as a water bottle or towel. Get your name embroidered on the bag for greater personalization. Each bag is made to order by highly-skilled craftsmen and are ready to ship within a few weeks.

Custom-made Machine-stitched Bogu sets includes all the important pieces, including the Men that protects your head, the Do and the Tare that protects the Torso and Legs, and the Kote that covers the arms and hands. Choose between a 3mm to 6mm futon, which is the quilted padding lined within the set to absorb the impact of Shinai strikes. This custom-made Kendo armor will fit you perfectly and adhere to exact specifications you desire, which means that you can get the best set for your needs regardless of your experience level.

For Kendo practitioners who wants the very best quality, we offer custom-made hand-stitched Bogu sets that are made by our skilled craftsmen. These tailor-made bogu sets come with all the pieces to keep you safe. Select your favorite colors from a wide range of choices for the Kazari ito, Matsuri ito of your Tare and Men; you may also choose different colors for the Ago and Mine Shokou.