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Jukendo is a unique Japanese martial art that fuses the bayonet techniques of 19th century French warfare with Japanese sword techniques, also known as Kenjutsu, and the Japanese spear techniques known as Sojutsu.

Instead of the shinai used in kendo, Jukendo uses a Mokuju that attacks with peircing thrusts. Urazabuton is a protective padding used to relieve the impact of the powerful strikes in jukendo.

Tankendo is the Japanese art of bayonet fighting that incorporates a short blade called a "Kotachi" or small sword called "Wakizashi" that was worn by a samurai on the waist alongside their katana.

In tankendo, half-length shinai are used for spearing, meaning a breastplate is necessary in addition to the standard Kendo Bogu.

At Tozando, there are a wide array of bogu for jukendo and tankendo, from beginners to advanced practicioners, as well as Mokuju, Urabuton, gloves, and Tanshinai.

We offer these various items related to jukendo and tankendo to anywhere in he world.
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Name Tag Embroidery on Bogu Name Embroidery for Bags Shinai Tsuru String
Name Tag Embroidery on Bogu
Our Price: $9.10

Name Tag Embroidery for Bags
Our Price: $15.00

Tsuru String
Our Price: $0.40

Hakama Drying Hanger Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken (Tare Name Bag) Tozando Kendo Zekken Print-on (Tare name bag)
Hakama Drying Hanger
Our Price: $15.00

Tozando Kendo Clarino Zekken (Tare name bag) Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken with Flag (Tare Name Bag) 5mm Tight Stitch Orizashi Jukendo Bogu
Training Mokuju Red Oak Jukendo Urabuton Extendable Budo Gi/Hakama Drying Hanger
Training Mokuju White Oak Shiai Mokuju Red Oak Standard Jukendo Gi
Standard Jukendo Gi
Our Price: $41.45

Shiai Mokuju White Oak Rubber Tip for Mokuju Black Nylon Mokuju Carry Bag
Rubber Tip for Mokuju
Our Price: $8.40
Black Nylon Mokuju Carry Bag
Our Price: $48.00

TANREN Polyester Mesh Jukendo GI 3mm Tight Stitch Neo-Leather Jukendo Bogu 2-bu Hand Stitch Orizashi Jukendo Bogu
1.5-bu Hand-Stitched Genuine Deerskin Jukendo Bogu Standard Short Bokken Jukendo Cotton Urabuton Protective Plastron (rectangular type)
Standard Short Bokken
Our Price: $26.85
Deerskin Jukendo Shino Machine-stitched Jukendo Kata Shoulder Protector Jukendo Shino Right Hand Glove
Jukendo Shino Right Hand Glove
Our Price: $20.00

Synthetic Leather Mokuju Carry Bag Standard Tankendo Tanshinai Tankendo Bokken
Standard Tankendo Tanshinai
Our Price: $44.00

Tankendo Bokken
Our Price: $44.00
Launch Price: $39.00

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