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Budo and Zen practice are closely related; even the legendary monk Takuan Zenshi promoted the principle of "Kenzen Icchi," meaning the "Sword and Zen are one."

In the meaning of Kenzen Icchi, you need to practice your very hardest in Budo and Zen equally. At first, you need to practice strengthening and training your mind when you master something - that is the same for both Budo and Zen.

there is a Japanese saying - "Bunburyodo," which means "Being a man who is skilled in both study and Martial Arts." At Tozando, we offer Samue in the traditonal style as those worn by monks at Zen temples as casual clothes and room wear, as well as small Kamidana for shrines, Tabi and more. All for training of the mind and body.
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Traditional Waraji Black Cotton Tabi Cotton Tabi
Traditional Waraji
Our Price: $19.55

Black Cotton Tabi
Our Price: $35.50

Cotton Tabi
Our Price: $23.65

Budo Tabi with Leather Sole Indigo-dyed Cotton Tsumugi Weave Samue Slub Denim Cotton Samue
Budo Tabi with Leather Sole
Our Price: $49.00

Slub Denim Cotton Samue
Our Price: $179.00
Cotton Blend Plain Weave Summer Samue Omi-Chijimi Hemp Summer Samue Hemp-feel Plain Weave Summer Samue
Cotton Blend Plain Weave Samue "JAKKOU" Cotton Blend Twill Samue "JAKKOU" High Grade Synthetic Leather Setta Sandals
Cotton Blend Twill Samue JAKKOU
Our Price: $159.00

High Grade Casual Setta Sandals High Grade Cork Sole Setta Sandals Igusa Rush Insole Setta Sandals
Igusa Rush Insole Setta Sandals
Our Price: $40.00

Deluxe Hemp Thong Setta Sandals

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