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Tozando offers a large variety of Iaito made with Aluminium/Zinc Alloy blades for Iaido practice. Tozando is known for their quality Iaito which are traditionally made in Japan by the most experienced craftsmen in the field. For beginners, we recommend Iaito from Minosaka, which is a internationally famous Iaito workshop, based in the Gifu prefecture. You might also want to look at the Tozando Toryumon-series from our Genbu line of Iaito.
As the aforementioned Iaito are for beginners and can't be customized to any larger degree, if you are looking for something slightly more advanced, we have the Byakko, Suzaku and Legend lines of Iaito, featuring higher quality fittings and interesting designs for more intermediate practitioners. The Suzaku line also contains our latest "Made in Kyoto" Iaito series, which are made by our craftsmen in our Nishijin Iaito Workshop, using our unique GT metal Iaito blade, that aims to have a balance and feel that is even closer to a sharp blade.
For advanced practitioners, we recommend looking at the Seiryu line, which offers a high amount of customizing, although if even that is not enough for you, Tozando is the only company that can offer you a completely custom-made Iaito with the Tozando Custom-made Iaito and the Tozando Suzaku Custom-made Iaito products, which offers over 200 options for you to choose from, and is one of the most popular products that we offer.

Please have a look at our great inventory of Iaito, Iaito that you can't find anywhere else but here!

Please note that because of difficulties with shipments to Brazil, we can not offer free shipping to Brazil for Iaito at the moment.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae Wakizashi 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae Daisho Set
Tozando Custom-made Iaito Housen Custom-Made Iaito Carrying Bag: Type Shirai 'Minosaka' Brand Basic Iaito
Tozando Custom-made Iaito
Starts from: $808.20

'Minosaka' Brand Basic Iaito
Starts from: $326.40

'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Zogan Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Edo Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Yagyu Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Musashi Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Toppei Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Tensho Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Hon Jidai Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Shinto Higo Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Koto Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Dotanuki Extra Heavy 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Satsuma Koshirae Extra Long
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Double Grooves Iaito 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Tengu Koshirae The Legend Series: Hijikata Toshizo's Kanesada Koshirae
The Legend Series: Katsu Kaishu's Tadayoshi Koshirae The Legend Series: Miyamoto Musashi's Kaneshige Koshirae The Legend Series: Oda Nobunaga's Kunishige Koshirae
The Legend Series: Sakamoto Ryoma's Yoshiyuki Koshirae The Legend Series: Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Kanemoto Koshirae The Legend Series: Uesugi Kenshin's Himetsuru Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Koshirae Wakizashi Tetto Kabutowari The Legend Series: Sanada Yukimura's Muramasa Koshirae
Tetto Kabutowari
Our Price: $85.95