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Top-Head Padding for Men Size Adjusting Chin Padding for Men Size Adjusting Kendo Eye Guard for Adults
Kendo Eye Guard for Adults
Our Price: 1,000.00

Chin Sweat Absorbent Padding YAMAYA Under-Kote Protector Elbow Protector
Chin Sweat Absorbent Padding
Our Price: 1,050.00
YAMAYA Under-Kote Protector
Our Price: 1,260.00

Elbow Protector
Our Price: 1,680.00
Toe Protector for Kendo Achilles Tendon Protector Calf Protector
Achilles Tendon Protector
Our Price: 1,800.00

Calf Protector
Our Price: 1,800.00
Wrist Protector  Under KOTE  'TEKKO' Deluxe Elbow Protector Sponge Heel Protector
Wrist Protector Under KOTE 'TEKKO'
Our Price: 1,890.00

Sponge Heel Protector
Our Price: 2,100.00
Sponge Heel Protector Extra thick Sponge Heel Protector with belt HAITEKU Heel Protector
HAITEKU Heel Protector
Our Price: 2,350.00
YAMAYA Heel Protector Toe Protector Leather sole YAMAYA Deluxe Heel Protector
YAMAYA Heel Protector
Our Price: 2,500.00

Toe Protector Leather Sole
Our Price: 2,560.00

YAMAYA Deluxe Heel Protector
Our Price: 2,900.00

Knee Protector Budo tabi Neck and Collar Bone Protector
Knee Protector
Our Price: 3,200.00

Half Budo Tabi
Our Price: 4,500.00
Back Protector Budo Tabi with Leather Sole Kendo Eyeglass Frame
Back Protector
List Price: 5,600.00
Our Price: 5,040.00
Budo Tabi with Leather Sole
Our Price: 6,500.00
Kendo Eyeglass Frame
Our Price: 19,950.00