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Here you can find Zekken/Tare-name/Nafuda and also Tenugui of various types for all your needs! All Tozando Zekken are made-to-order and comes with various options that can be customized for your pleasure.

Tozando mainly offers three types of Zekken for Kendo:

- the Heat-press type which comes at a very good price, however, because the text is pressed on using heat, it is not as durable as the other types of Zekken.
- the Embroidery type which is very elegant as the text embroidery is made directly onto the Zekken Fabric which provides a very uniform look and also durability.
- the Clarino type in which the text is cut using Clarino Leather, which provides the text with a 3-dimensional look against the Fabric and since it's made with synthetic leather, it is also very durable.

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Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken (Tare Name Bag) Tozando Kendo Zekken Print-on (Tare name bag) Tozando Kendo Clarino Zekken (Tare name bag)
Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken with Flag (Tare Name Bag)