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Have you ever dreamt of creating your own Bogu, detail by detail, spec by spec? If you could choose all details, from type of cotton to the quality of the stitches, from the Kazari ito to the color of the Himo, how would your Dream Bogu look like?

Tozando wishes to grant this wish to our inspired and inspiring customers, starting with launching the 'DESIGN YOUR DREAM KOTE' Campaign.

Maybe only few Kenshi are aware that a major trend among high level competitors is to have their Kote specifically designed for their needs. They choose colors and quality and they sign their Kote with their own name. Would you like to do the same?

Here is Tozando`s offer:

We are looking for experienced Kenshi who would like to offer their ideas to create the DREAM KOTE. You could be inspired not only by the needs of Shiai, but also by daily practice or by examination day. You choose the colors, the name, the fabric, functionality, everything. There is no limitations to what's possible. Show us the creativity that you matured through your Keiko experience.

Among all applicants, we are going to select TEN. We are going to collaborate with this panel of KOTE DREAMERS, to perfect the project and to realize the ultimate, the perfect KOTE.

The final result will become a permanent item in our collection and the members of the team who worked on it will receive a final reward: a pair of the DREAM KOTE!

Our Campaign starts TODAY (02/07): send us an email through our contact form, with the drawing or the detailed description of your DREAM KOTE. Tell us about yourselves and about what you would like to achieve with your design. The first phase will end on April 30st. 2014.

We will select the TEN panelists after that date and we will let you know how the Campaign is progressing on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned, but, most of all, are you accepting the challenge?

*We have decided to extend this even until the 30th of April, since we will be present at EKC in France from the 11-13th of April and we wish to see if there is any dark horses among the participants of the championships also that might be interested in participating in this event.