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Funny Kendo Training Lesson for Beginner Book/DVD Set Kendo Advanced Hitting Technique Instruction Book/DVD Set Passing Kendo Grading Book/DVD Set
Let surprise yourself with Takakura Senseifs teaching, who will take you through interesting and funny exercises using sponges, piece of wood, newspapers, basket balls and even ice-creams.
Just Japanese language and no subtitles for a book of 141 pages full of images and for a 100 minutes DVD .
NTSC recorded, all region playable.
This book/DVD set fully gives the advanced techniques to a beginner and anyone who seek the higher level. Not only does this set of DVD and book provide the visual instruction but teach you the scientific logic and analysis. A must-have for all Kendo practitioners and instructors. No more guessing work. With this complete set of DVD and book, you can learn the judge's point of view for the grade examination and why they are important. Also this set provides the information of typical wrong techniques many practitioners tend to get and how to correct them. If you are getting ready for the grading exam, this set will be your exclusive home trainer.
Passing Kendo Grading (the 4th/the 5th Dan) Book/DVD Set
With this book we have thought to all the ones that need a support for passing the exams of the 4th and 5th grade (Japanese standard): the four sensei Shinozuka, Sumi, Fujiwara, Chiba, are ready to illustrate you what are the points you have to take care for managing the upgrade of your skills and your technical level.  

Just Japanese language and no subtitles for the book of 110 pages full of images and for the 115 minutes DVD .
NTSC recorded, All region playable.