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In aikido, wearing hakama prevents your opponent from seeing your footwork. Underneath you wear standard aikido gi pants. For beginners who are not yet allowed to wear hakama, only gi pants are worn during keiko practice.
You might often get scrapes around the knees, but you can feel at ease wearing gi pants from Tozando as they are reinforced around the knee area.
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Tozando Seersucker Aikido Pants "RYO" Tozando Anti-Bacterial Aikido Pants 'YOMOGI' Tozando Aikido Pants "UME"
List Price: $126.00
Our Price: $87.30

TOZANDO YOMOGI Anti-Bacterial Aikido Pants
List Price: $139.00
Our Price: $74.55

TOZANDO Aikido Pants UME
List Price: $70.00
Our Price: $68.20

Tozando Premium Aikido Pants (AI, KI, DO)

Buy Aikido pants traditionally crafted in our workshop in Kyoto.

Made for comfort, flexibility and durability, for summer and winter training, ships worldwide.