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Win a trip to Japan - The Road to Butokuden

Alain-Nicolas DI MEO from France!
You are the winner of this edition of 'Win a trip to Japan' on Tozando!

Nominees of Win A Trip To Japan (2016/07/15~2016/10/14)

Week 1 Stephen Martin

Mikkel Wettre
United Kingdom

Week 2 Queennie Yau

Ha Peng

Week 3 Alexis Jolis Desautels

Sunaryo Sun

Week 4 Matthew Ubertini

Julien Goullon

Week 5 Oscar Xing

Ken Sakamoto
New Zealand

Week 6
Goran Stojanoski

Sjoerd Kater

Week 7 Douglas Ho

Roberto Agostini
Hong Kong

Week 8 Ivo van Roij

Joseph Ponchart

Week 9
Hon Man Chan

Peter Kovacs
Hong Kong

Week 10 Alain-Nicolas DI MEO

Ta-Pu Chen

Week 11
Jesper Andersen

Vivian Yung

Week 12 Yoackim Bughin

Furet Stricher Pascal

Week 13 Serkan Yildirim

Olga Feodorova


Sorry to have kept you waiting, we are glad to announce that 9th edition of 'Win a Trip to Japan' has now started!

It has been a while since the last time, in fact it has been almost a year since we held the last 'Win a Trip to Japan' event here at Tozando.
We got a lot of response from our you asking if there would be no more 'Win a Trip to Japan' here at Tozando, but the wait is now over and we are back again!

However, to be able to enhance the experience even further for the winner, we have decided to change the event a bit this time. For example we want to make sure that the winners will be able to have a proper Budo experience, so we are planning to arrange a proper Keiko session with the Tozando team members at the Kyoto Butokuden, Budo center! 

For this 'Win a Trip to Japan' we have limited the participants to customers who have bought Kendo product only, as we will adapt this trip for Kendo practitioners. But please don't worry, we will be holding similar events for Iaido and Aikido practitioners in due time also! We have decided to renew the event in this way so that the chance of winning for respective customers will be higher than before, so that we can get more variety in our guests here in Kyoto!

As always, the winner will win a trip to Kyoto, which includes the whole package of: plane ticket, accommodation and transportation!

Who is eligible?

- Any customer who has placed an order for any eligible products on Tozando Online Shopping, Nishijin Sword, during the period defined below will automatically take part to the lottery. This time, we are limiting the eligible products to Kendo Products only.
- Even if you have not placed an order for any of the eligible products, as long as your total order amount exceeds 35,000yen, your order is eligible (except cancelled ones).
- One order gives you one chance to be selected per week; two orders give you two chances, etc.
- In addition to fulfilling one or more of the conditions above, you have to share any of our
"Win a trip to Japan" posts on our Facebook page.
Once you have done so you are officially in the lottery to win a trip to Japan!

How is the winner selected?

- At the end of each week, two customers will be randomly selected as nominees for the final drawing in the end of October.
The nominees will be informed by email for the final lottery and his/her name will be published on the website.
Before announcing weekly/final results, the customer can surrender the nomination by refusing his/her name published on our website.
When the first customer surrenders the nomination, another customer will be selected randomly, this process is repeated as necessary.
- We will draw the final winner at random from the list of nominees in the end of October.

How long does this WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN campaign last?

- Between the 15th of July and the 14th of October 2016*.
The winner will be informed by email and the result will be published on the website by the end of October 2016.
- The current scheduled period for the winners to visit Japan is in the beginning of December.

*Please note that this date might change due to unforeseen circumstances.

What are included in WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN campaign?

- Plane ticket (round trip for 1 person)
- Accommodation: Ryokan or a guesthouse in Kyoto 5 days/6 nights for 1 person

- Transportation (limited to 6 one-day bus passes to use the Kyoto City Bus network)

- Pickup at Kyoto train station

- Tour of Tozando (Headquarters (Nishijin main store), Shogoin store and Kyoto Budogu Store.

- Participate at a Dinner Party attended by the Tozando President and Staff

- Budo practice session with the Tozando team at the Kyoto Butokuden

- One day guided Kyoto tour

You can also Click here to see the past winners of this campaign.

The Tozando International team

**Tozando reserves the right to make sudden changes to the terms and conditions above if needed.