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Tozando Special 25th Anniversary Edition!

Our lucky winners are Christian Domittner from Austria and Damon Schearer from Australia!
Congratulations to both of you!!
We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto soon!

Nominees of Win A Trip To Japan 8
Week 12 Vu Minh Vietnam
Week 11 Ilker Bakiskan Turkey
Week 10 Richard Le Gall France
Week 9 Reggie Solitano USA
Week 8 Christian Domittner Austria
Week 7
Felicia Chin Singapore
Week 6 Christopher So Canada
Week 5 Damon Schearer Australia
Week 4
Kin-Shing Lau Hong Kong
Week 3 Alessandro Aguzzi Italy
Week 2 John Kennedy Ireland
Week 1 Caroline Jablonski USA

We are glad to announce that 8th 'Win a Trip to Japan' has started!

However, being our 25th Anniversary, we have decided to make things more interesting for you customers.
So this time we will be inviting two winners from the final list of nominees that we have, making this the first time ever, we invite two people, meaning that your chances of winning is double the usual, a event befitting the 25th anniversary edition of "Win a trip to Japan"!

As always, the winners will be able to win a trip to Kyoto, which includes the whole package of: plane ticket, accommodation and transportation!

Who is eligible?

- Any customer who has placed an order for any eligible products on Tozando Online Shopping, Nishijin Sword, during the period defined below will automatically take part to the lottery.
- There is no minimum amount. Any order is eligible (except cancelled ones).
- One order gives you one chance to be selected per week; two orders give you two chances, etc.

How is the winner selected?

- At the end of each week, a customer will be randomly selected as the nominee.
The nominee will be informed by email for the final lottery and his/her name will be published on the website.
Before announcing weekly/final results, the customer can surrender the nomination by refusing his/her name published on our website.
When the first customer surrenders the nomination, another customer will be selected randomly, this process is repeated as necessary.

How long does this WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN 8 campaign last?

- Between the 27th of March and the 12th of June 2015*.
The winners will be informed by email and the result will be published on the website by mid-June.
- The current scheduled period for the winners to visit Japan is in mid-July.

*Please note that this date might change due to unforeseen circumstances.

What are included in WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN 8 campaign?

- Plane ticket (round trip for 1 person)
- Accommodation: Ryokan or a guesthouse in Kyoto 6 days/5 nights for 1 person

- Transportation (limited to 6 one-day bus passes to use the Kyoto City Bus network)

- Pickup at Kyoto train station

- Tour of Tozando (Head office, Nishijin main store, Shogoin store)

- Dinner with the Tozando International team

- Budo practice session in Kyoto (if possible)

- One day guided tour

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The Tozando International team