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Obon is a Japanese ancestor festival where we return to our families to give thanks and celebrate those who ahve gone before us. This means that Tozando will be on holiday from the 10th to the 18th. To let you join in on the celbration we are offering amazing discounts and offers across every martial art until the 21st of August.

There are massive discounts on Kendo Bogu. Free shipping for orders including $300 or more of Aikido equipment. Tax Free Suzaku Iaito to the United States and European Union. As well as great deals and discounts for Karate, Judo, Naginata, Jukendo and Kyudo equipment! The discounts are up to 50% off, so you can definitely find yourself an amazing deal whilst we are on holiday.

Click on one of the banners below to view the special Obon deals for that particular martial art. For example, in the Kendo category we have a whole host of bogu that are up to 50% off. For Aikido, any orders over $300 are free shipping! Find your martial art and see what amazing offers are in store.

Obon Kendo Sale - discount bogu!All Aikido orders over $300 receive free international shipping!

all of our Suzaku Iaito are shipped tax free to the US and EU until the 27th of AugustMitsuboshi Hayate Karate Gi and Reigear Judogi are up to 30% off!

Up to 30% discounts off Naginata and Jukendo Bogu!All Kyudo Yumi and Yugake now 20% off!
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