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IBB SAFETY GUARD is a removable throat protector that follows your every single head movement. The ISG (IBB Safety Guard) will protect your throat from shock to the thyroid cartilage and injury to the carotid artery, when receiving even the most severe Tsuki. Since you don’t have to be afraid of the sword tip, you can charge in and aim for the Men with high precision. It also protects against Shinai splinters when receiving a Tsuki, should it accidentally slip past the Ago and in-between the Mendare and your neck, thanks to the ISG diverting the direction of the thrust away from your neck.

Here you will be able to find Bogu sets or Men that come with the detachable IBB Safety Guard attachment by default, so that you can practice Kendo safely!
Please note that The ISG can also be added as an option for any of our custom-made Bogu sets!

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