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Tendo Ryu Naginata Red Oak

Tendo Ryu Naginata Red Oak


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Tendō-ryū is a old martial tradition (koryū), mainly focused on the use of the Naginata, said to have been founded in 1582 by Saitō Denkibō. With the signature technique called "Midare" at its core, Tendō-ryū is also a very extensive martial system with more than 200 kata with weapons as varied as Tachi (sword), Tantō (short sword), Kaiken (dagger), Kusarigama (sickle and chain), Nittō (dual sword) and (staff).

The Tendo Ryu Naginata features a longer blade than the AJNF Standard Naginata. The blade is also wider at the mono-uchi, more similar to a real Naginata blade.

As such it can also be used in a variety of other martial arts using the Naginata.

ATTENTION: We are not able to provide tsuba (guard) for the Tendo-ryu Naginata at the moment. Please contact us for more details. This Naginata is sold without tsuba.

What is Japanese Red Oak?
The Red Oak Wood used for Japanese Bokken, also called 'Akagashi', greatly differs from the Red Oak Wood referred to when speaking about North American Bokken.
While the North American Oak and Japanese Oak are related, the Japanese Oak tree is evergreen, due to this it does not have a conspicuous open grain like the American White and Red Oak.
The open grain structure, of the American Oak wood produces soft areas which are more prone to impact damage.
Akagashi on the other hand has a structure that is uniformly hard, has excellent dent resistance and has better impact strength than American Oaks.
Nowadays Akagashi is a quite rare and expensive even in Japan, and is mostly used for making high quality Bokken or Jo.
  • Made of high quality Japanese Red Oak
  • Total length: 7 shaku (about 212cm)
  • Weight: Approx. 850 grams
  • Varnished finosh
  • Made in Japan
  • Handmade by Japanese expert craftsmen

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