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Suzaku - Kassen Koshirae
Suzaku - Kassen Koshirae

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- 15080602: [Blade Length: 2.45Shaku], [Hamon: Suguha], [Tsuka length: 8.5Sun], [Tsuka Same: White without navel knot], [Tsuka color: Cotton Black], [Sageo: Cotton Black], [Saya: Kuroro] [Approx. weight without saya: 760g]

- 15090801: [Blade Length: 2.45Shaku], [Hamon: Kanesada], [Tsuka length: 8.5Sun], [Tsuka Same: White without navel knot], [Tsuka color: Cotton Black], [Sageo: Cotton Black], [Saya: Kuroishime] [Approx. weight without saya: 760g]

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There have been numerous battles throughout Japan's history since ancient times such as the battle at Dannoura, the Ōnin War, the Battle of Sekigahara, and the Boshin War that shaped Japan into what it is today. The effect that samurai had in the changing the history of Japan cannot be overstated.

Success in battle not only meant the acquisition of personal honor, but also obtaining territory and land, which might eventually become a province in its own right, ensuring the prosperity of generations to come.

This "Kassen Koshirae" is inspired by medieval Japanese battlefields. The Fuchi/Kashira is decorated with an arrowhead, a symbol of the bow and arrow which was the primary weapon at the time. The Menuki features a banner which was used to tell friend from foe in the midst of the chaos of battle, and the Tsuba also features a lively battlefield theme. This sword represents the tension and presence of warriors who dedicated their lives success in the fields of war. The blade is made with aluminum/zink alloy.

The Kassen Koshirae pieces are made one by one in the Nishijin area of Kyoto. This section of old Kyoto is said to have gotten its name from the when the East (Nishi) army made camp (Jin) in that area during the Ōnin War. The Iaito also comes with a certificate with the “Kyoto Japan” to prove its authenticity.

The "Kyoto Japan" Mark is a mark endorsed by the Kyoto Industry Development Consortium and it's given to companies that protects and develops the traditional craftsmanship in Kyoto, domestically and overseas.

As the Suzuku series of Iaito are made in Kyoto, Tozando has been certified to use the "Kyoto Japan" mark with the Suzaku series of Iaito.

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