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Suburiko Tozando Original Hello Kitty Standard Furnished Shinai Standard Furnished Shinai
Custom Laser Engraving (for Shinai)
Our Price: ¥1,000.00

Our Price: ¥1,450.00

Standard Furnished Shinai
Our Price: ¥3,500.00
Uchikomi Shinai Standard Uchikomi Shinai Deluxe GIN Nito Ryu Shinai Short Smoked Bamboo Dobari Shinai 'FURINKAZAN'
Uchikomi Shinai Standard
Our Price: ¥4,400.00
Uchikomi Shinai Deluxe GIN
Our Price: ¥4,700.00
Nito Ryu Shinai Short
Our Price: ¥4,800.00
Oval Grip Shinai "Suzaku" Oval Grip Shinai "Suzaku" Koto-style Shinai - Daigo Jissengata Dobari-style Shinai - Issen
Oval Grip Shinai - Suzaku
Our Price: ¥4,900.00

Oval-grip Shinai - Higashiyama
Our Price: ¥4,900.00
Koto-style Shinai - Daigo
Our Price: ¥5,600.00
Thick-grip Jissengata Dobari-style Shinai - Issen Thick-grip Koto-style Shinai - Daigo Koto-style Shinai - Ittou Ryo Dan Tozando Custom-made Shinai
Tozando Custom-made Shinai
Starts from: ¥6,500.00

Suburi Shinai for One Hand Oval Octagonal-grip Koto-style Shinai - Oniyanma Oval Octagonal-grip Dobari-style Shinai - Oniyanma
Suburi Shinai for One Hand
Our Price: ¥6,900.00
Jissengata Dobari-style Madake Shinai - Shouryuu Heavy Suburi Shinai Extra Heavy Short Suburi Shinai - Furisen Magnum Koto-style Madake Shinai - Fujin
Heavy Suburi Shinai
Our Price: ¥8,900.00
Dobari-style Madake Shinai - Raijin Extra Heavy Suburi Shinai[6 staves] Slim Koto-style Shinai - Shingessai Koto-style Deluxe Madake Shinai - Ise No Kami
Extra Heavy Suburi Shinai[6 staves]
Our Price: ¥9,900.00

Smoked Bamboo Suburi Shinai Dobari-style Deluxe Madake Shinai - Izumo no Kami Thick Grip Dobari-style Deluxe Madake Shinai - Izumo no Kami Hasegawa Carbon Graphite Shinai
Smoked Bamboo Suburi Shinai
Our Price: ¥11,900.00
Hasegawa Carbon Graphite Shinai
Our Price: ¥28,900.00