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Summer in Japan can reach temperatures touching on 40║C (104 ║F). To combat this, Japan's top players are making the most of modern, lightweight materials in their choice of equipment. This range of Quick Dry Budo equipment offers lightweight and comfortable Gi, Hakama and pants. It will keep you cool during intensive summer practices.
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Tozando 'BIO-SOFT SEERSUCKER' Aikido Gi & Pants Set Tozando Seersucker Aikido Gi Jacket & Pants Set Tozando Soft Seersucker Aikido Gi Jacket Tozando Anti-Bacterial Aikido Gi & Pants Set 'YOMOGI'
Seersucker Iaido Gi Jacket Regular Sleeve Mikawa Cotton Easy Kendo Gi "KIRARI" Tozando Anti-Bacterial Aikido Gi 'YOMOGI' Tozando 'SUZUKA' Summer Aikido Gi Jacket
Tozando Seersucker Aikido Pants "RYO" 'BREEZE-KNIT' Summer Kendogi