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Hasegawa Carbon Graphite Shinai Free Shipping! - Standard Furnished Shinai - 10 pcs. Super Package Buckled Genuine Leather Shinai Bag Traditional Genuine Leather Shinai Bag
Hasegawa Carbon Graphite Shinai
Our Price: ¥28,900.00

Nishijin Custom Brocade Shinai Bag Calligraphic Design Shinai Bag(Multiple Letter) for Three Shinai Shinai Stand Housen Calligraphic Design Shinai Bag(3-Letter) for Three Shinai
Shinai Stand
Our Price: ¥14,180.00
Yagyu Ryu Fukuro Shinai Calligraphic Design Shinai Bag(2-Letter) for Three Shinai Buckled Clarino Shinai Bag Deluxe Synthetic Leather Shinai Travel Case for 15 Shinai
Yagyu Ryu Fukuro Shinai
Our Price: ¥13,900.00
Buckled Clarino Shinai Bag
Our Price: ¥12,390.00
Dobari-style Deluxe Madake Shinai - Izumo no Kami Thick Grip Dobari-style Deluxe Madake Shinai - Izumo no Kami Smoked Bamboo Suburi Shinai Bushu Indigo-Dyed Cotton Shinai Bag for Three to Four  Shinai
Smoked Bamboo Suburi Shinai
Our Price: ¥11,900.00
Thick-grip Koto-style Deluxe Madake Shinai - Ise No Kami Koto-style Deluxe Madake Shinai - Ise No Kami Plain Color Clarino Shinai Bag Tsuba Hole Shaver
Tsuba Hole Shaver
Our Price: ¥10,500.00
Slim Koto-style Shinai - Shingessai Extra Heavy Suburi Shinai[6 staves] Deluxe Shinai Travel Case for 5 Shinai. Hasegawa Carbon Graphite Shinai Pieces
Extra Heavy Suburi Shinai[6 staves]
Our Price: ¥9,900.00

Extra Heavy Short Suburi Shinai - Furisen Magnum Heavy Suburi Shinai Koto-style Madake Shinai - Fujin
Heavy Suburi Shinai
Our Price: ¥8,900.00
Jissengata Dobari-style Madake Shinai - Shouryuu Oval Octagonal-grip Dobari-style Shinai - Oniyanma Oval Octagonal-grip Koto-style Shinai - Oniyanma Dragon-Patterned Canvas Shinai Bag for Three Shinai
Suburi Shinai for One Hand Dragon-Patterned Genuine Silk Shinai Bag Sakabukuro Shinai Bag for Three Shinai "KU" Canvas Shinai Bag "Fujin Raijin" for Three Shinai
Suburi Shinai for One Hand
Our Price: ¥6,900.00
Koto-style Shinai - Ittou Ryo Dan Deluxe Cotton Shinai Bag Thick-grip Jissengata Dobari-style Shinai - Issen Thick-grip Koto-style Shinai - Daigo
Deluxe Cotton Shinai Bag
List Price: ¥6,540.00
Our Price: ¥5,890.00

Premium Kendo Equipment | Kendo Shinai Swords & Shinai Bags

The Kendo shinai is a weapon used in place of a true sword while practitioners spar and hone their skills. These Kendo swords are safer than a katana or even a bokken, but are made to simulate the weight or size of the alternative weapons. Shinai are made from slats of bamboo and must be carefully constructed to be pliable, yet durable enough to withstand prolonged or frequent sparring.

Tozando shinai are available in single units or as bulk packages. Shinai bags can also be bought separately. This crucial piece of Kendo equipment can be customized based on the customer’s needs or skill level.

To ensure (maintain) safety, shinai should go through some maintenance. They should be regularly checked for splinters and cracks, in addition to being oiled and sanded if necessary. Accessories for assembling, caring and shinai maintenance including string, rubber, tsubadome, oil, shavers and are also available.