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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Very Good Iaito and Services January 8, 2010
Reviewer: AC from HK,áHKáHong Kong  
It arrived a bit early than I expect.
The iaito looks grate, I'm quite delighted.  It has good balance and fitting.  A great stuff for iaido practice or collection.

The most impress me is the services provided by Mr Yoshihito Nonoguchi, I'd receive valuable comment and assistant fm him.  

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Well made, great balance December 11, 2009
Reviewer: Peter from Maryland, United States  
Very happy with my first iaito! It took about a month to show up but it was worht the wait.  Beautifully put together, impeccable attention to detail and fit of all parts. Even my 2.55 shaku long version feels light and well balanced. Sensei also said it felt very good, so it is not just my dazzled beginner's eyes ... My compadres were all impressed by the black handle (ray skin?) wrapped with dark blue and a matching cotton sageo.

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just fantastic December 10, 2009
Reviewer: jean Laurent from Sainte Livrade sur Lot, aquitaine France  
First of all Thank You very much to the Tozando team for a top quality service.

I don't think I'm being over enthusiastic... I placed my order on Nov. the 19th for a Higo Koshirae with custom tsuba of 9 sun and I didn't expect to see my Iaito  delivered as soon as December the 09th. as already said the wrapping is really secure. The Iaito feels and looks wonderful in every detail.
The balance is perfect. Not too heavy for a 2.55 shaku.Superb tsuka (I took Black cotton on black same) it's really tight and smooth.For the extension to 9sun it was as easy as an email and Tozando did for a very small fee.
Well now I'm just looking forward to my next lesson.
I would recommend Tozando to anyone looking for a good value for money

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Impressive product December 5, 2009
Reviewer: Charles Thorogood from Dunmow,, Essex United Kingdom  
I ordered a Minosaka Higo Koshirae standard iaito. It was delivered two weeks later. I was very impressed with the packaging, that held and protected the stunning looking and balanced Iaito.
Thankyou to Mr Kei Ohta, for his guidance and information and also to Tozando for their quality Iaitos.

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first-class Iaito and service September 1, 2009
Reviewer: Sirin Can from Germany  
First of all I would like to thank Nonoguchi Yoshihito-san for his great service and his quick reply to all my questions. Furthermore I want to thank all the craftsmen involved in creating my Iaito.
I placed the order in August 10th and it arrived at my door in August 31st! Aside from the fast assembly and the fast shipping my Iaito was packed with biggest care.
The Iaito itself is just great! The mounting is of good quality and well-assembled, the same is nice, the cotton tsuka-ito is of good quality and the tsuka-maki is flawless. The saya is high-quality and fits perfect. The blade is nice and very well-balances. The Iaito feels natural in every move just like an extension of my arm.
I'm very happy with my Iaito and Tozando!
Domo arigato gozaimashita.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Great service and quality August 15, 2009
Reviewer: JK from Canberra, Australia  
I have ordered a few items from Tozando in the past and this was my first Iaito purchase.  The 2.55 Shaku blade I ordered has a standard Tsuka length of 8 Sun which Tozando was happy to extend to 9 Sun for a small fee.

I ordered it 18th July 2009 and arrived 7th August via UPS - Very fast.  

Packaging was excellent. The Iaito was in a cotton bag which was wrapped in bubble wrap.  This was packaged with newspaper in a Tozando box which was then placed in a second shipping box.

Highly recommended.

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excellent product and service August 17, 2008
Reviewer: VC from New York, New York United States  
I just received, and I am extremely pleased with the quality of, my new iaito. I have ordered  items three times from Tozando and the service has always been first rate, fast and efficient. Highly recommended!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
absoloutely outstanding April 7, 2008
Reviewer: JonáBracamonte from Lakeside,áCAáUnited States  
I've had my Higo Koshirae for a few years now, and it's still just as flawless today as when I first recieved it back in Japan.  It survived a pretty hardcore thrashing during my move from just south of Yokohama to San Diego, California.  I continue to sing praises for the Tozando company.  Every dealing I've had with them has been superb.
The blade itself is perfect for Toyama Ryu.  A little on the light side, but as long as your cut is god, you'll hear the beautiful swish noise at the cut apex.  I replaced the sageo with another cotton deluxe (purple) which does tend to come loose from time to time, but I think that's due to my own lack of ability to tie properly.  Still a beautiful contrast to the glossy black laquer of the saya.
Overall exceptional quality.

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Review by ZNKR iaidoka February 14, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Finland  
Blade length: 2.5 shaku
Tsuba: Kasuga
Tsuka/Sageo: Silk, black
Saya: Kuroro
Time from order to delivery: three weeks!

Well balanced blade, tightly wrapped tsuka, parts sit tight (no rattles or loosening of parts despite months of heavy use). Very fast delivery.

Saya got loose rather quickly. Length of tsuka is 8.5 sun with no options to lengthen it. It is quite short if your hands are even a bit larger than average. Silk sageo is quite thin and stiff.

Overall good value for money. Silk upgrade is rather expensive luxury - cotton should be also fine when wrapped this good. If in doubt of suitability of tsuka length, go for custom.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Sword for Takeda Ryu practitioner January 31, 2008
Reviewer: Koen Van Gemert from Westmerbeek, antwerpen Belgium  
Sword length: 2.35 shaku
Tsuba: Hirata
Tsuka color: brown
Saya lacquer: kuroro
Manufacture and delivery time: 6 weeks

Blade length is a few mm longer than my previous sword (also 2.35 shaku)
Tsuka is wrapped with perfection. Kashira, Fuchi and menuki have a perfect finish, no nicks or visible mistakes in them. Glossy finish of the saya is beautiful to see.
The sword in its whole has a solid feel, with perfectly centered balance so that every kiritsuke or girri has a natural feel.

A perfect sword for a beginner considering its price, even an advanced practitioner would find this sword more than adequate for his iaido practise.

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