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Awesome!!! March 28, 2015
Reviewer: ALEX T from Edo MEXICO, MEXICO  
Impressive quality en every detail.

The whole shopping experience is so precise, fast and pleasant.

My new iaito feels incredible balanced and it's a real pleasure the way that it makes to live the iai practice.

I'm so glad to be a new Tozando's happy customer

Thank you

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Best buying experience ever. October 16, 2014
Reviewer: Fabio Piras from Torino, Piemonte Italy  
English Version:

I just received my Iaito, five days earlier than expected and that alone was wonderful.

The whole experience, from the financing plan to the actual item, has been outstanding. They made me pay the Iaito in two installment and shipped the item immediately after the second payment and i had it two business day after the shipping.

The Iaito itself it's perfect and at a great price! Everything is really tight and beautifully assembled, i'm really happy with it.

I'm adding a note just for whoever doesn't live in Japan, i had to pay 37€ for custom duties (i live in Italy), a lot less than what i feared.

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Well made June 26, 2013
Reviewer: Marcus L from Malmö, Sweden  
It took a little less than a month to receive the product after placing the order, and it was definitely worth the, albeit fairly short, wait. Great iaito overall, especially considering the price.

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Great Product and Great Service March 25, 2013
Reviewer: Goran Stojanoski from Skopje, Skopje Macedonia  
I was on the lookout for an affordable 2.50-2.55 Shaku long Iaito, And this one just hit the magic spot .. not so high in price as the most other custom made and still offering what I needed (and wanted - black tsukasame yay). Plus bonus Free Shipping. (now even an extra checkered sageo as well).

The Iaito is well assembled .. super tight tsuka wrapping on a Hourglass shaped tsuka (Rikko Tsuka if im not mistaken). Habaki is flush on the blade and fits tight in the saya collar. Everything is tight and fits well. And swinging this beauty is literally music to the ears.

I would also like to thank Gavin and Yu Bo who guided me and answered everything I had to ask in express time in the pre-order phase and Chiharu who was of huge assistance with help about the order and shipping of it, as well as all the rest that made, assembled and took care of the shipping of the Iaito.

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Great Experience March 22, 2013
Reviewer: Ibad from Pakistan  
I received my Iaito recently and I am very pleased, not only with the quality of the product, but the way my whole shopping experience was smooth with Tozando. Prior to ordering I asked many questions which were answered very promptly by Tozando. The Iaito which arrived a week earlier than the stated shipping time is well made with no defects. All the fittings are as requested and solidly assembled. The sword feels great in handling. Overall I am very pleased with my Purchase. Thank you Tozando!

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Birthday Iaito November 23, 2012
Reviewer: William from Salisbury Mills, New York United States  
I received one of these for my birthday and I love this iaito.  Balance and weight are excellent and it has really helped my technique, I am still a beginner.  My only complaint is there is some rattle in the saya when drawing the sword.  I don't know if there are chatter marks inside or if it is just a little too large in there for the blade but either way it is not a huge deal especially for the price paid.  Just letting others know what the deal is with the one I received.  My sensei noticed it as well but he still approved of the sword.  Well worth the price, wait time was a little over a month and delivery was quick, 2 DAYS.  It did get held up in UPS Customs though which added a few days and an extra duty fee was charged payable to UPS upon delivery.  Overall very happy and would order again in a heartbeat!  The Nami tsuba, light tetsukon blue wrap over white tsukasame with big ryu menuki and suguha hamon really came out nice.  Arigato gozaimasu!

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Great!! October 25, 2012
Reviewer: James Bright from Carleton Place, ontario Canada  
By far the best quality, customizable iaito there is!!

Quick delivery (2 days from Japan to Ottawa)

In North America most male iaidoka need a 2.55+ shaku iaito. The cost and time to get an iaito in this length can be very expensive and take a long time to get. Luckily, Tozandoshop has them at at a reasonable price!

Tozandoshop allows you to customize this iaito and any other customizations you want to make are usually just an email away if it isnt one of the choices on-line.

Excellent product, excellent wait times and excellent customer service!

The iaito arrived and is beautiful and very well made. I will be back.

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Well done! June 26, 2012
Reviewer: Akiyama Saeko from Tokyo, Japan  
The Iaito was well made and the delivery was quick as well. it has it's own unique handle shape. Although the ornaments will dull in color, they are still alright. On the overall I recommend this product.

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very happy March 20, 2012
Reviewer: benedict mccaffrey from leominster, herefordshire United Kingdom  
Good value customisable sword meeting all my requirements in terms of weight balence and feel. In particular was very pleased to be able to choose tsuka length. I have oqned several iato and this is by far my favorite. Will be using for grading this weekend.

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My recommendation March 11, 2012
Reviewer: Pavel Singer from Plzen-Slovany, Plzen Czech Republic  
I can only recommend Tozando. Sword is beautiful piece of work, light and long exactly I need and training with it is great. I am very satisfied with wide offer and prices as well as quick and reliable shipping. If I would order a sword sometime in future, my choise of store is clear: Tozando.

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