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Panther - 6mm Black Kendo Bogu Set

Panther - 6mm Black Kendo Bogu - Black Mesh Kendo Bogu

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Around the Chin (A)*:

Around Forehead(B)*:

Height of Eyeline (C)*:

Length of Palm (D)*:

Around the Palm (E)*:

Your Height (G)*:

Your Waist (K)*:

Size Consideration:


Upgrade Men Chichikawa:

Upgrade Men Himo:

NOTE: 8 Shaku Men Himo are usually attached using 1x30cm Men Chichikawa

Upgrade Do Himo:

Attach Chichikawa & Himo:

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Panther - Black Mesh Kendo Bogu
First impressions are everything - with the Black Panther Bogu you can make your mark from the second you step into sonkyo. Dignified in design and striking in colour, this all black bogu set also has the performance to back it up. Lightweight and easy to move in; you can be confident that your armour is not holding you back.
Panther's Men Futon close up
The futon is made entirely from Black Dry-mesh - this modern material provides the same ample padding and protection as traditional cotton, but is lighter and much more breathable. This allows the bogu to remain fresh throughout training and dry quickly afterwards. During keiko it is very comfortable to wear and does not weigh down or restrict your movements.
Panther's Mune close up
It has been ergonomically designed to allow the user to perform athletic and high performance kendo whilst protecting them from strikes. This has been achieved through the properties of the lightweight mesh alongside high quality core materials and construction.
Panther's Tare close up
Panther's Kote close up
This set is shipped internationally free of charge and comes complete with all associated himo and chichikawa required to wear it. A tenugui is also included and the bogu comes under our 3-year warranty. We aim to ship these sets within 3 to 5 working days, however if your particular size is out of stock due to high demand there may be some delays.
Kendo player with Panther Bogu on Panther's face background
Panther black and white image
Set Specifications
  • Futon: 6mm fit-stiched black mesh
  • Kazari-ito: Black
  • Kazari-gawa: Black mesh
  • Herikawa: Deep indigo Clarino synthetic leather
  • Approximate weight: 3.87 kg
  • Included Accessories: Standard Men Himo, Standard Kurozan leather Chichikawa, Do Himo, Tenugui
  • Mengane: Duralumin with a black reverse-side
  • Mendare: Gunome-zashi
  • Ago: Black mesh Batsu edged with deep indigo Clarino synthetic leather
  • Menbuchi: All black genuine Urushi lacquer
  • Uchiwa: Black mesh
  • Mimikawa: Deep indigo Clarino synthetic leather
  • Approximate weight: 1.33 kg
  • Atama: Yoroi-gata
  • Tenouchi: Clarino synthetic Leather
  • Approximate weight: 0.5 kg
  • Mune: Black mesh edged with deep indigo Clarino synthetic leather
  • Dodai: Black Reinforced Resin
  • Approximate weight: 1.26 kg
  • Odare:Gaku-zashi 6mm/3mm
  • Hara Obi: Genuine Deep Indigo-dyed Cotton
  • Herikawa:Deep indigo Clarino synthetic leather
  • Approximate weight: 0.78 kg
Panther wearing image
  • Modern dry-mesh futon material: lightweight, breathable and protective.
  • Genuine black urushi lacquer Men-buchi: a striking look through which to apply seme.
  • Duralumin Mengane with black reverse-side - reduces interference with your vision compared to a regular mengane.
  • Gunome-zashi Mendare: double stitched mendare that are durable and easy to shape providing you with a dignified and impressive silhouette.
  • Yoroi-gata Kote: yoroi style kazari ito provide a flexible and ergonomic kote that improves your tenouchi and wrist maneuverability.
  • Gaku-zashi Tare stitching: featuring a mix of gunome-zashi with 6mm 'windows' the Tare balances elegantly and remains highly durable.

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