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Budo does not only consist of Kendo, Aikido or Iaido. In fact, for many people Karate or Judo is probably more familiar, especially for Judo, due to the exposure as a Olympic sport. Here you can find high quality products for Karate, Judo, Naginata or Kyudo, of course made in Japan, from major brands such as Mizuno, Shureido or Mitsuboshi. These high-end brands are used by many national level Budo practitioners all over the world.

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Giriko Powder Case Giriko Powder Case
Our Price: 800.00
Makiwara Ya Duralumin Makiwara Ya
Our Price: 1,500.00
Nunchaku Carrying Bag Nunchaku Carrying Bag
Our Price: 1,600.00
Tonfa Carrying Bag Tonfa Carrying Bag
Our Price: 1,650.00
Name Embroidery on Left Chest Name Embroidery on Left Chest
Our Price: 1,800.00

Rattan Tsurumaki Rattan Tsurumaki (Large)
Our Price: 1,800.00
Kamon(Family Crest) Embroidery Kamon/Family Crest Embroidery
Our Price: 1,800.00

Tsuru Tsuru (Syntetic/Hemp)
Our Price: 1,900.00
Name Embroidery on Koshiita Name Embroidery on Koshiita
Our Price: 2,000.00

Canvas Naginata Sack Canvas Naginata Sack
Our Price: 2,300.00
Isami Color Obi Isami Color Obi
Our Price: 2,700.00
Gomu Yumi Gomu Yumi
Our Price: 2,900.00
Deluxe Gomu Yumi Deluxe Gomu Yumi
Our Price: 3,900.00
Tetron Kyudo Gi Top Tetron Kyudo Gi Top
Our Price: 4,000.00

Cotton Kyudo Gi Top Cotton Kyudo Gi Top
Our Price: 4,200.00