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These Bogu are Machine-stitched or Fit-stitched, combining traditional art with modern technology, producing comfortable Bogu with high durability. All Bogu are assembled and checked by our Japanese Bogu Craftsmen to ensure the highest quality before shipping. Perfect for Beginners and more advanced Kendoka who are not yet ready for taking the step to a hand-stitched Bogu.
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Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu 6mm Machine-stitched Orizashi Kendo Kote "MICHI" Tozando Nishijin Custom Brocade Bogu Bag
Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu
Our Price: „1,000.00
6mm Machine-stitched Orizashi Kote "MICHI"
Limited Offer: „12,800.00

4mm Fit-stitched Jissengata Kendo Bogu Set "Tokuren® Φ (Phi)" Deluxe 5 mm Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set Yoroigata Kendo Bogu Set "TONBO"
Yoroigata Kendo Bogu Set "TOMBO"
Starts from: „59,800.00

Jissengata Kendo Bogu Set Tokuren Chi Deluxe 3 mm Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set The ideal set for all Kendo beginners at any age, by Tozando!
Tozando Complete Kendo Beginners Set
List Price: „84,800.00
Our Price: „69,800.00
Tozando Custom-made Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set 'IBB BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Fit-stitched Bogu Mitsuboshi Fit-stitched Orizashi Kendo Bogu Set "MINE"
Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set "BioCLEAN"
Our Price: „88,000.00

Mitsuboshi Fit-stitched Neo-leather Kendo Bogu Set "MINE" Mitsuboshi Fit-stitched Deerskin Kendo Bogu Set "MINE"