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When choosing a kendo tare, you should first consider the type and width of the stitching that will suit your purposes. While the tare does not receive any direct blows, it can greatly impact your stepping and footwork that is essential for strikes. For beginners in particular, a tare with relatively wide stitching of around 5mm or 6mm would be most suitable. In addition, we recommend items made with fit-stitch, rather than what is known as pitch-stitch, as it creates a softer texture and cushioning effect. Finally, if you are concerned about odor, we suggest you choose an item with BioCLEAN antibacterial properties.
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5mm Fit-stitched Orizashi Kendo Tare 5mm Fit-stitched Neo-LeatherKendo Tare Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Tare
5mm Fit-stitched Orizashi Kendo Tare
Our Price: $113.65
Sale Price: $95.50

3mm Fit-stitched Neo-Leather Kendo Tare 4mm Fit-stitch TOKUREN Tare

Fit-stitch, hand-stiched and custom-made tare made in Japan by Tozando!

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