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Your shinai and bogu will incur damage over time with normal use. Shinai can splinter, which increases the risk of causing serious injury to your opponent, and so you should perform daily inspection and maintenance of your equipment. It is good to shave off any splinters, and after filing, wipe down the bamboo part with a little camellia oil. You can re-dye your bogu with various colours of indigo dye if the color has started to run. We stock a range of other essential items including replacement kote himo, hakama drying hangers, maintenance tools, and more.
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Indigo Liquid for Kendo Bogu Indigo Liquid for Dyed Deerskin Indigo-dye Liquid for Cotton Fabric "AI"
Indigo Liquid for Dyed Deerskin
Our Price: $12.50

Indigo Stablizing Liquid Deerskin Revitalizing Oil Shinai Shaving Knife
Indigo Stablizing Liquid
Our Price: $11.50

Shinai Shaving Knife
Our Price: $20.60

Shinai Stave Shaver Shinai Stave Shaver Tsuba Hole Shaver
Shinai Stave Shaver
Our Price: $10.95

Shinai Stave Shaver
Our Price: $10.00

Tsuba Hole Shaver
Our Price: $95.50
Shinai Maintenance Kit Pocket Shinai Shaver Shinai Tsuka Rubber
Shinai Maintenance Kit
Our Price: $33.40

Pocket Shinai Shaver
Our Price: $11.80

Hakama Drying Hanger Camellia Oil Kendo Shinai File
Hakama Drying Hanger
Our Price: $15.00

Camellia Oil
Our Price: $13.40

Kendo Shinai File
Our Price: $8.00

Extendable Budo Gi/Hakama Drying Hanger Heat-treated Rayon Kote Himo Nihonto Microfibre Repair Mat - Yoshihara Kuniie, Tantou Ikkan
Nihonto Microfibre Repair Mat - Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihara, Hono ni Inoru Nihonto Microfibre Repair Mat - Gassan Sadatoshi, Hyakuren Seitetsu Nihonto Microfibre Repair Mat - Mikami Sadanao, Tantou Hitosuji

Shop for indigo dye, kote himo replacements, shinai shaving tools, hangers, leather oil and more.

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