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When choosing your karate gi uniform, the most important consideration is size, however, depending on your karate school, material is also important. Some styles of gi are more suited towards every day training, whilst others are best for competions. Our Mitsuboshi Hayate Karate Wear are specifically designed for a range of applications so are a great palce to start. In general we have named our available Karate gi with their ideal role in mind so you can easily find which gi is best for you!
We have hand selected two lines of Japan made Karate wear base don the quality and reputation of the tailors - Mitsuboshi and Shureido.

Mitsuboshi joined Tozando in 2014 to create Japan's largest budo supplier. They have over 65 years experience in bringing high quality craftsmanship and are renowned for their Karate, Judo and Kendo uniforms. In particular the HAYATE series are fantastic options for all Karateka looking to purchase every-day training, kata and kumite specific Karate gi.

Shureido is also a long respected brand in Japan and internationally. Hailing from the home of Karate, Okinawa, they make high quality, traditional uniforms in a variety of styles and fabrics.
Mitsuboshi Karate Wear Shureido Karate Wear
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Mitsuboshi Hayate CF-1 Kata Karate Gi Mitsuboshi Hayate Cool Crash Kumite Karate Gi Mitsuboshi Hayate NF-1 Kata Karate Gi
Hayate Karate Gi - CF-1 Classic Kata Set
List Price: $135.73
Starting from: $96.82
You save $38.91!
Hayate Karate Gi - Cool Crash Kumite Set
List Price: $212.73
Starting from: $146.82
You save $65.91!
Hayate Karate Gi - NF-1 Heavyweight Kata Set
List Price: $192.27
Starting from: $133.18
You save $59.09!
Mitsuboshi Hayate NF-2 Kata Karate Gi Shureido Deluxe Karate Gi Set "NW-3" Shureido Karate Gi Set K-11
Hayate Karate Gi - NF-2 Lightweight Kata Set
List Price: $205.91
Starting from: $142.27
You save $63.64!
Shureido Karate Gi Set K-11
Our Price: $153.65

Shureido Lightweight Karate Gi Set "MUGEN" Shureido Superior Heavy Weight Karate Gi Set K-10