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Tozando Kendo Equipment

Tozando offers a variety of high quality Kendo equipment, with everything from complete Kendo Bogu sets to Bogu parts such as Men, Kote, Do, Tare or Gi, Hakama, Shinai and more! We offer both high quality products made in Japan, and also products made in our overseas facilities under the supervision of our master craftsmen. Of course, no matter where the product is made, our quality assurance remains the same, so you can always expect only the highest quality products from us!

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Free Name Embroidery on Right Hip Name Embroidery on Border Tail Custom Design Tenugui Set
Shinai Tip Senshin Shinai Tsuru String Rubber Tsubadome
Shinai Tip Senshin
Our Price: 35.00
Shinai Tsuru String
Our Price: 40.00

Deluxe Rubber Tsubadome Beige Rubber Tsubadome for Bokken Men Chichikawa
Deluxe Rubber Tsubadome Beige
Our Price: 150.00

Rubber Tsubadome for Bokken
Our Price: 150.00

Men Chichikawa
List Price: 150.00
Our Price: 150.00
Color Tsuba Do Himo Cord Adjuster Deluxe Nakayui Leather
Do Himo Cord Adjuster
List Price: 210.00
Our Price: 210.00

Deluxe Nakayui Leather
Our Price: 240.00
Plastic Tsuba for Bokken Large Deluxe Rubber Tsubadome
Plastic Tsuba for Bokken
Our Price: 260.00

Chin Sweat Absorbent Cloth Tsuka Grip Leather Deluxe Shinai Tip Leather
Chin Sweat Absorbent Cloth
Our Price: 340.00

Tsuka Grip Leather
Our Price: 350.00
Under-Men Under-Kote Mitten Tenugui Tombo
Our Price: 400.00
Under-Kote Mitten
Our Price: 400.00
Tenugui Tombo
Our Price: 400.00
Under-Kote Glove Shinai Tip Senshin
Under-Kote Glove
Our Price: 400.00

Standard Indigo-Dyed Cotton Do Himo Cord White Men Himo Cord White Do Himo Cord
Standard White Cotton Do Himo Cord
List Price: 400.00
Our Price: 500.00
Indigo-Dyed Cotton Men Himo Cord Heat-treated Rayon Kote Himo Indigo-Dyed Clarino Men Chichikawa
Indigo-Dyed Clarino Men Chichikawa
List Price: 650.00
Our Price: 540.00