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You have made some progress on the road of mastery of the sword and in need of a new Iaito, here you will find the Iaito that are best for intermediate practitioners.
Minosaka are a famous Iaito maker from Gifu prefecture, their swords are popular among beginners, but are often also used by intermediate practitioners who don't need any customization on their Iaito.

The Tozando Byakko series and Suzaku series both offer great quality and designs in addition to some minor customization for the intermediate practitioner, with the Byakko series offering extra heavy and extra light blades for practitioners who needs lighter blades due to injury or extra heavy blades for taller people who need longer blades. The Suzaku series are made in Kyoto and uses a new blade made with GT metal which have a balance, look and weight closer to that of a Shinken blade, and designs inspired by Kyoto, the home of Tozando.

We also have the Legend series, which is a collection of Iaito that are inspired by the swords of legendary Samurai and Warlords from the feudal era of Japan, such as Miyamoto Musashi's Kaneshige Koshirae or Oda Nobunaga's Kunishige Koshirae. All of the swords in the Legend series have unique features and designs you won't find anywhere else!

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'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae Wakizashi 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae Daisho Set
'Minosaka' Brand Basic Iaito 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Zogan Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Edo Higo Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand Basic Iaito
Starts from: $326.40

'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Yagyu Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Musashi Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Toppei Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Tensho Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Hon Jidai Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Shinto Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Koto Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Dotanuki Extra Heavy
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Satsuma Koshirae Extra Long 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Double Grooves Iaito 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Tengu Koshirae
The Legend Series: Hijikata Toshizo's Kanesada Koshirae The Legend Series: Katsu Kaishu's Tadayoshi Koshirae The Legend Series: Miyamoto Musashi's Kaneshige Koshirae
The Legend Series: Oda Nobunaga's Kunishige Koshirae The Legend Series: Sakamoto Ryoma's Yoshiyuki Koshirae The Legend Series: Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Kanemoto Koshirae
The Legend Series: Uesugi Kenshin's Himetsuru Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Koshirae Wakizashi Tetto Kabutowari
Tetto Kabutowari
Our Price: $85.95

The Legend Series: Sanada Yukimura's Muramasa Koshirae The Legend Series : Akechi Mitsuhide's Akechi Koshirae The Legend Series: Maeda Keiji's Sekino Magoroku Koshirae