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Iaido sword bags come in two types: a carry bag type with a shoulder strap, as well as a traditional textile bag type. When choosing, you can decide by pattern or design and by utility. There are many traditional bags made from plain fabric which can be used as an inner bag. If you use either a patterned textile bag or a carry bag, it is also good to keep it in a plain type of cover. In many cases, a traditional textile bag will be used for top grade ceremonial swords, and by storing it in an elegant sheath it will truly exude luxury. However, please be careful when handling because it does not offer a high level of protection.

If you are carrying your sword to practice at the dojo, we highly recommended you purchase a carry bag type. Made from sturdy material, it is less susceptible to damage, and is easy to carry.
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Sword Carrying Bag Housen Prestige Leather Iaito Carry Case SHIRAI Traditional Kimono Brocade Sword Bag
Sword Carrying Bag
Our Price: $34.40

Name Embroidery for Bags Duralumin Iaito Case Housen Leather Iaito Carry Bag RYAKUSHIKI
Name Embroidery for Bags
Our Price: $15.00
Duralumin Iaito Case
Our Price: $85.95

Nishijin Custom Brocade Sword Bag Double Sword Carrying Bag Genuine Leather Sword Carrying Bag
Double Sword Carrying Bag
Our Price: $81.00

Housen Prestige Leather Iaito Carry Case MAESAWA

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