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Iaido Service

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Name Embroidery on Koshiita Free Name Embroidery on Right Hip Name Embroidery on Left Chest
Name Embroidery on Left Sleeve Name Embroidery on Border Tail Kamon(Family Crest) Embroidery
Name Embroidery for Bags Iaido Gi Uchi Himo Attachment Service
Name Embroidery for Bags
Our Price: $15.00
Custom Kamon Laser Engraving

Order Iaido Service - Budo Martial Arts

Customize your Iaido Gi with professional embroideries, which are free for selected areas. Tozando also offers beautiful custom laser engravings for your Iaido Bokken/Jo. Our staff members will translate the wordings of your choice if necessary. Choose among a large choice of fonts, sizes, and colors!