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When you put on your Iaido gi, you cannot forget the obi belt. By fastening your obi tightly and correctly around your waist, you secure your abdomen and allow yourself to focus your "hara" energy.

Tozando stocks a range of obi with various designs, made from materials including cotton, silk, wool, and synthetic fibres, however we typically recommend cotton. While it may be easier to put on a quick-tie obi, learning to tie your obi properly is part of your budo training, so it is best to use a standard obi from the beginning.
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Deluxe Cotton Kaku Obi Quick-Tie Kaku Obi Deluxe Silk Kaku Obi
Deluxe Cotton Kaku Obi
Our Price: $39.30

Quick-Tie Kaku Obi
Our Price: $62.75

Deluxe Silk Kaku Obi
Our Price: $75.80

Standard Cotton Kaku Obi Cotton Iaido Obi Stretch Iaido Obi
Standard Cotton Kaku Obi
List Price: $34.55
Our Price: $31.09

Cotton Iaido Obi
Our Price: $22.75

Stretch Iaido Obi
Our Price: $39.30

TOZANDO Super Polyester Iaido Obi Tsumugi Iaido Obi
Tsumugi Iaido Obi
Our Price: $46.20


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