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Iaido Gi & Hakama

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Seersucker Iaido Gi Jacket Regular Sleeve Toray Tetrex® Iaido Gi Deluxe Cotton Kaku Obi
Toray Tetrex Iaido Gi
Our Price: $55.00

Deluxe Cotton Kaku Obi
Our Price: $39.30

Quick-Tie Kaku Obi Cotton Juban Deluxe Iaito Gi Kimono Sleeve Black
Quick-Tie Kaku Obi
Our Price: $62.75
Cotton Juban
Our Price: $31.00

Tozando Uchimizu Iaido Gi & Hakama "FURYU" Set Deluxe Silk Kaku Obi Standard Cotton Kaku Obi
Deluxe Silk Kaku Obi
Our Price: $68.80

Standard Cotton Kaku Obi
Our Price: $26.40

Tozando Tailor-Made Iaido Hakama Tozando Uchimizu Iaido Hakama "FURYU" Tozando Polyester Iaido Hakama "TAKE"
TOZANDO Tailor-Made Iaido Hakama
Our Price: $198.20

Tozando Basic Tetron Hakama Uchimizu Iaido Gi "FURYU" Super Polyester Iaido Gi Jacket Regular Sleeve
TOZANDO Basic Tetron Hakama
Our Price: $38.30

Uchimizu Iaido Gi FURYU
Our Price: $147.30

Cotton Iaido Obi Stretch Iaido Obi Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama
Cotton Iaido Obi
Our Price: $22.75

Stretch Iaido Obi
Our Price: $39.30

Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama
Our Price: $408.20

Basic Iaido Set A Tozando Tailor-made Iaido Gi Uchimizu Iaido Gi "FURYU" Kimono Sleeve
Basic Iaido Set A
Our Price: $152.75

Tozando Cubic Sensor Stretch Iaido Gi Kimono Sleeve Super Polyester Iaido Gi Jacket Kimono Sleeve Tozando Cubic Sensor Stretch Iaido Hakama
Tozando Basic Iaido Gi & Hakama Set Tozando Basic Iaido Gi Regular Sleeve TOZANDO Iaido Super Polyester Uniform TAKE Set
TOZANDO Basic Iaido Uniform
Our Price: $93.30

TOZANDO Super Polyester Iaido Obi Mitsuboshi Memory Pleats Iaido Hakama Tozando Super Polyester Iaido Haori

Buy Aikido Gi & Hakama - Budo Martial Arts

Fabric is crucial in choosing the Iaido Hakama & Gi best suited to your needs. While cotton is standard for shows and competitions, polyester, a more durable and wrinkle-resistant fabric, is recommended for everyday practice. Tozando sells high quality Iaido Gi for all occasions and levels.