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Iaido Gi & Hakama

For iaido, clothing is more than just a unifrom, it helps define your performance and a good set will help enhance your movements. How your clothing fits you and how it feels has a significant effect on your practice.

Tozando's iaido hakama is designed and sewn by skilled Japanese tailors with the input of staff who practice Iaido in our own workshop.
Our sewing is not simple work but is actually a carefully devloped technique, original to Tozando, that combines the best features of the cloth and characteristics of the thread.

All of these elements add together to create outstanding Iaido wear that is comfortable and enhances your art. This sort of expertise can only be found at Tozando.
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Seersucker Iaido Gi Jacket Regular Sleeve Toray Tetrex® Iaido Gi Deluxe Cotton Kaku Obi
Toray Tetrex Iaido Gi
Our Price: $55.00

Deluxe Cotton Kaku Obi
Our Price: $39.30

Quick-Tie Kaku Obi Cotton Juban Deluxe Iaito Gi Kimono Sleeve Black
Quick-Tie Kaku Obi
Our Price: $62.75

Cotton Juban
Our Price: $31.00

Tozando Uchimizu Iaido Gi & Hakama "FURYU" Set Deluxe Silk Kaku Obi Standard Cotton Kaku Obi
TOZANDO Uchimizu Iaido Gi & Hakama FURYU Set
List Price: $470.00
Our Price: $270.98

Deluxe Silk Kaku Obi
Our Price: $75.80

Standard Cotton Kaku Obi
List Price: $34.55
Our Price: $31.09

Tozando Tailor-Made Iaido Hakama Tozando Uchimizu Iaido Hakama "FURYU" Tozando Polyester Iaido Hakama "TAKE"
TOZANDO Tailor-Made Iaido Hakama
Our Price: $198.20

Tozando Basic Tetron Hakama Uchimizu Iaido Gi "FURYU" Super Polyester Iaido Gi Jacket Regular Sleeve
TOZANDO Basic Tetron Hakama
List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $45.85

Uchimizu Iaido Gi FURYU
Our Price: $147.30

Cotton Iaido Obi Stretch Iaido Obi Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama
Cotton Iaido Obi
Our Price: $22.75

Stretch Iaido Obi
Our Price: $39.30

Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama
Our Price: $408.20

Basic Iaido Set A Tozando Tailor-made Iaido Gi Uchimizu Iaido Gi "FURYU" Kimono Sleeve
Basic Iaido Set A
Our Price: $152.75

TOZANDO Tailor-made Iaido Gi
Our Price: $180.00

Super Polyester Iaido Gi Jacket Kimono Sleeve Tozando Cubic Sensor Stretch Iaido Hakama Tozando Basic Iaido Gi & Hakama Set
TOZANDO Basic Iaido Uniform
Our Price: $93.30

Tozando Basic Iaido Gi Regular Sleeve TOZANDO Iaido Super Polyester Uniform TAKE Set TOZANDO Super Polyester Iaido Obi
Mitsuboshi Memory Pleats Kendo Hakama Mitsuboshi Memory Pleats Iaido Hakama Tozando Super Polyester Iaido Haori

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