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Iaido Accessories

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Sword Carrying Bag Housen Custom-Made Iaito Carrying Bag: Type Shirai Fusa Braid (Rayon) for Sword Bag
Sword Carrying Bag
Our Price: $34.40
Kozuchi Mekuginuki Deluxe Nakafuji Silk Sageo
Our Price: $83.65
Our Price: $8.20
Deluxe Sasanami Silk Sageo 6 Shaku Deluxe Shigeuchi Silk Sageo Deluxe Kikko Silk Sageo
Deluxe Kikko Silk Sageo
Our Price: $61.10
Deluxe Multi-Color[ 4 color ] Kikko Silk Sageo 180 cm [6 shaku] Koiguchi-kun for protecting the Koiguchi of Iaito/Shinken Choji Oil Bulk 100 cc
Choji Oil Bulk 100 cc
Our Price: $16.40
Mr Tameshigiri(Body and Bottom Set) Mr Tameshigiri(Body Replacement) Deluxe Sword Rack
Deluxe Sword Rack
Our Price: $253.65
Portable Sword Maintenance Kit Choji Oil 30cc Uchiko Powder
Choji Oil 30cc
Our Price: $8.20
Uchiko Powder
Our Price: $10.95
Paper Knife Set Sword Maintenance Kit Deluxe Sword Maintenance Kit
Paper Knife Set
Our Price: $26.40
Sword Maintenance Kit
Our Price: $17.30
Traditional Kimono Brocade Sword Bag Premium Grade Uchiko Powder Nuguigami(Wiping Paper for Sword)
Premium Grade Uchiko Powder
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $14.50
Hokushin Itto Ryu DVD The Legends of the Kyoto Demo Vol. 1 DVD The Legends of the Kyoto Demo Vol. 2 DVD
Hokushin Itto Ryu DVD
Our Price: $57.30
Silver Tsuba Series: Naoe Kanetsugu Silver Tsuba Series: Uesugi Kenshin Silver Tsuba Series: Saika Magoichi

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In addition to choosing the ideal Iaido equipment, proper care and maintenance is critical to retain their condition as long as possible.
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