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Here you can find Zekken/Tare-name/Nafuda and also Tenugui of various types for all your needs! All Tozando Zekken are made-to-order and comes with various options that can be customized for your pleasure.

Tozando mainly offers three types of Zekken for Kendo:

- the Heat-press type which comes at a very good price, however, because the text is pressed on using heat, it is not as durable as the other types of Zekken.
- the Embroidery type which is very elegant as the text embroidery is made directly onto the Zekken Fabric which provides a very uniform look and also durability.
- the Clarino type in which the text is cut using Clarino Leather, which provides the text with a 3-dimensional look against the Fabric and since it's made with synthetic leather, it is also very durable.

The Zekken can be made in adult or junior sizes and can also be made using either #10,000 Indigo-dyed Cotton Canvas or using Indigo-dyed Sashiko Cotton Fabric. We also have Zekken for Iaido that are of the Embroidery type and can be made in black or white Tetron fabrics.

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Tozando Kendo Zekken Print-on (Tare name bag) Naginata Heat-press Mune Zekken Tozando Iaido Heat-press Zekken
Tozando Iaido Embroidery Zekken Naginata Embroidery Mune Zekken Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken (Tare Name Bag)
Tozando Kendo Clarino Zekken (Tare name bag) Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken with Flag (Tare Name Bag)