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Bokken Summer Sale: Get 10% discount on all your Bokken/Jo/Bo purchases today! (not eligiable for already discounted bulk products)
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Regular Shinai Furnishings Custom Kamon Laser Engraving
Super Deluxe Shinai Furnishings Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo Tozando Custom-made Shinai Laser Engraved Red Oak Bokken "DRAGON"
Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo
Our Price: ¥4,500.00
Tozando Custom-made Shinai
Starts from: ¥5,250.00
Laser Engraved White Oak Bokken "Dragon" Tozando Custom Workshop Bokken Genuine 'Nishijin' Kimono Fabric Luxury Shinai Bag
Tozando Custom Workshop Bokken
Our Price: ¥6,500.00