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The Tozando Custom-made Iaito is one of it's kind, the only truly customizable Iaito with a variety of options to change the look of your Iaito to your own personal preference.

Here you can also find accessories such as Tsuka-himo for re-wrapping, high quality Sageo and spare Saya for your Tozando Custom-made Iaito
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TOZANDO Cotton Tsuka-ito for Iaito (sold by length) Tozando Silk Tsuka-ito for Iaito Tozando Leather Tsuka-ito for Iaito
TOZANDO Silk Tsuka-ito for Iaito (sold by length)
Our Price: $12.00 for 1 meter

Nishijin Custom Brocade Sword Bag Spare Saya for Iaito Tozando SUZAKU Custom Workshop Iaito
TOZANDO SUZAKU Custom Workshop Iaito
Our Price: $698.20
Sale Price: $628.38

TOZANDO Custom-made Iaito Sword
TOZANDO Custom-made Iaito Sword
Starts from: $808.20