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Tozando prides itself in that we are the largest Budo manufacturer in Japan and thus can provide services no one else in the Budo industry can! From Bogu, to Gi and Hakama, not to mention Bokken and Iaito, you name it, and we can make a product that is made just for you! Feel the difference in using something that can be customized and made to your exact specifications, you won't regret it!

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Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu
Our Price: 1,000.00

Name Embroidery on Left Chest Name Embroidery on Left Chest
Our Price: 1,800.00

Kamon(Family Crest) Embroidery Kamon/Family Crest Embroidery
Our Price: 1,800.00

Name Embroidery on Koshiita Name Embroidery on Koshiita
Our Price: 2,000.00

Iaido Zekken - Embroidery Tozando Iaido Embroidery Zekken
Our Price: 2,500.00

Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo
Our Price: 4,500.00

High Precision Kamon Print
Our Price: 5,000.00

Tozando Custom-made Shinai Tozando Custom-made Shinai
Starts from: 6,500.00

Tozando Custom Workshop Bokken Tozando Custom Workshop Bokken
Our Price: 6,500.00

Tozando Custom-made Kendo Kote - Kyoto, Japan -  Completely Made in Japan! Tozando Custom-made Kote
Our Price: 18,800.00

Tozando Tailor-Made Iaido Hakama Tozando Tailor-Made Iaido Hakama
Our Price: 21,800.00

Tozando Tailor-Made Aikido Hakama Tozando Tailor-Made Aikido Hakama
Our Price: 22,500.00

Tozando Iaito Toryumon - Classic (FAST SHIPPING) Toryumon - Classic (Fast Shipping!!)
Our Price: 32,900.00
Limited Offer: 29,900.00

Tozando Toryumon - Original Practical Iaito Toryumon - Classic
Our Price: 32,900.00

'Minosaka' Brand Basic Iaito 'Minosaka' Brand Basic Iaito
Starts from: 35,900.00

Tozando Toryumon - SHUNDOU version Practical Iaito Toryumon - SHUNDOU version
Our Price: 36,500.00

Tozando Toryumon - "V2" Practical Iaito Toryumon - "V2"
Our Price: 38,500.00