This time of the year Japan is covered in all kinds of shades of pink. This is the so called "Sakura Season".

Especially in Kyoto the combination of traditional buildings, old temples, rivers and blossoming cherry trees is so magical – it feels as if you slipped into the past. Also in Japan everything starts in April, the school year, work year and so on; therefore, you can say that for Japanese people, having the Sakura bloom means a new beginning.

Using this opportunity, Tozando wishes to support people who are doing martial arts or are about to start martial arts by offering a 5% sales campaign during this season.

Getting this extra 5% is very easy. Add any item in the shopping cart and simply enter SAKURA4 in the coupon code box if your total purchase is $300 or more. Practice hard and enjoy saving your money.
Tetsugaku no Michi(Path of Philosophy, Kyoto)