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Choosing the Perfect Bogu for Kendo Beginners

Tozando began providing Bogu for Kendo beginners in 1989, and has continued to improve its products ever since by establishing its own factories to ensure consistent quality control.
Attentive to customers' feedback and always on the lookout for innovative techniques, our master craftsmen strive to develop ever better products so that our clients can practice safely and effectively.
What you should look for when choosing a Kendo Bogu for Beginners
To choose the armor most suitable for you, ask yourself these three questions:
  • Safety: Are proper levels of protection and padding offered to avoid injury?
  • Durability: Are the materials used strong enough to withstand the many hours of practice required?
  • Comfort: Does the armor allow for ease of movement, especially for Kendo beginners who must learn proper posture and maintain natural body positioning?


When first starting Kendo, beginners' mistakes are common and can cause serious damage. The throat is particularly vulnerable during intensive practices, making it especially important to be equipped with the right support to avoid injury.
That is why Tozando uses the IBB Safety Guard as a removable throat protector. This device is extremely efficient in absorbing shocks, protecting the throat from thrusts and any resulting Shinai splinters.


Tozando uses a special cross-stitched, thick futon which adapts to the appropriate strength and absorbs shocks, which is why models like the Tokuren® ZX Gold are especially recommended for beginners.
Tozando also developed its own machine sewing technique called "Fit-stitch", to produce a flexible, supple armor. More affordable, and every bit as durable as its hand-stitched counterpart, fit-stitched armors like the Fit-stitched Neo-Leather Kendo Bogu Set provide their wearer a full range of motion for maximum comfort and better protection than a traditionally machine-stitched armor.


For Kendo beginners learning the correct posture, using a properly fitting armor allowing ease of movement is essential. An ill-fitted Bogu armor will force the body into unnatural positions which could prove harmful.
Tozando armors are custom-made and aim at fitting the body as closely as possible without hindering movement. That is why our sets are custom made and designed for a perfect fit.

Part of starting your Kendo journey is discovering exactly what you need to buy, a task that is often difficult for beginners. With the help of many high-ranking Kendo players, Tozando has carefully selected this Kendo Bogu set especially for beginners—making your first steps a little easier.
And if you are still unsure of which model to choose, feel free to contact our professional customer service with rich knowledge of Kendo Bogu.