- The Road to Kyoto Butokuden 2017 -

Congratulations, Veronika Orasch! You've won a Trip to Japan X!

The last WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN 9 event was a tremendous success and all the participants at Butokuden were so excited to train with world class Budo-ka such as Kiwada-Sensei, Matsuwaki-Sensei, Hatakenaka-Sensei, Amishiro-Sensei and Kawagoe-Sensei. As can be seen on Tozando’s Youtube channel, the winner had a great time in Kyoto and the trip is destined to become a lifelong memory.

Last time, the winner was selected among customers who purchased Kendo products, but this time, customers who buy Iaido, Aikido, Naginata or Kyudo products may also apply! If you are selected as the winner, just tell us what form of martial arts you would like to practice and whom you would like to train with, and we will try our best to make your dreams come true.

Entry is simple: Just order any product from Tozando group(Tozando, Mitsuboshi, Nishijin Sword, Kendo-Bogu) by 15th of October, 2017 and you will be automatically entered into the contest. There is no minimum set order, so even a small $10.00 purchase will give you a chance to win the experience of a lifetime!

As always, the winner will win a trip to Kyoto, which includes the plane ticket, accommodation and transportation.


  • Willem Riesenkamp(The Netherlands)
  • Veronika Orasch(Switzerland)
  • Paul Manogue(USA)
  • Thomas Hooper(USA)
  • Jean-Paul Fournier(France)
  • Chretien Simons(The Netherlands)
  • Marko Lukic(Croatia)
  • Marco Guerini(Italy)
  • Thi Phan(USA)
  • Katherine Cenci(USA)
  • Keegan Almeida(Australia)
  • Traian Adrian Ionescu(Romania)
  • Robert Cochran(USA)
  • Boon How Khor(Malaysia)
  • Gianluca Barbagallo(Italy)
as of the 18th of October 2017

Who is eligible?

How is the winner selected?

  1. At the end of each week, two customers will be randomly selected as nominees for the final drawing in the end of October.
  2. The nominees will be informed by email for the final lottery and his/her name will be published on the website.
  3. If the selected customer would like to surrender the nomination, he/she inform us so and another customer will be selected randomly, this process is repeated as necessary.
  4. We will draw the final winner at random from the list of nominees in the end of October.

How long does this WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN campaign last?

Between the 10th of August and the 15th of October 2017*. The winner will be informed by email and the result will be published on the website by the end of October 2017.The current scheduled period for the winners to visit Japan is from the 7th till the 11th of December 2017( Please note that this date might change due to unforeseen circumstances).

What are included in WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN campaign?

  • Budo practice session at the Kyoto Butokuden
  • Plane ticket (round trip for one person)
  • Pickup at Kyoto train station
  • Accommodation: Ryokan or a guesthouse in Kyoto 5 days/6 nights for one person
  • One-day bus passes to use the Kyoto City Bus network for six days
  • Tour of Tozando Headquarters (Nishijin main store and Kendo Bogu workshop), Shogoin store, Kyoto Budogu Store
  • Participate at a Dinner Party attended by the Tozando president, the staff and surprising guests

**Tozando reserves the right to make sudden changes to the terms and conditions above if needed.

Winners of WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN contest

Have a closer look at what they experienced while they were in Tozando and Kyoto!

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Tuan Anh Hoang

2012 Autumn
Xavier Calcas

2013 Spring
Dmitry Gavrilov

2013 Summer
Riku Huomo
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2013 Autumn
Duy Pham
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2014 Spring
Jean Noel Grenier
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2014 Autumn
Ismail Hasan
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2015 Spring
Christian Domittner
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Win a trip to Japan 8 - Damon Schearer
2015 Autumn
Damon Schearer
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Alain-Nicolas Di Meo
2016 Winter
Alain-Nicolas Di Meo
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