Free Services from Tozando

Free Services

Advantages of shopping with Tozando!

Shopping the Tozando Online Store lets you take advantage of exclusive advantages such as free embroidery on your Hakama, pants and Gi or free world wide shipping on selected items.

Free Shipping

Get free shipping world wide for the purchase of any of the following products:
  • Kendo, Naginata and Jukendo Bogu sets
  • Iaito swords (not available for Brazil at the moment)
  • Bokken (Bokuto, Jo, Bo, etc...)
  • Genuine live blade sword
  • Yoroi armors

Free Embroidery

Now the most popular embroideries are free of charge. This offer applies to the following embroideries:
  • Name embroidery on right hip
  • Name embroidery on belt end
  • Name embroidery on pants
  • Name embroidery on border tail


Please note that free shipping does not apply to non-free shipping items that are to be shipped together with a free shipping item. For instance, if you order a Bokken and a Hakama, even though free shipping applies to Bokken, you will still have to pay shipping fees for the Hakama.

In addition, for orders containing free shipping products, we might not be able to ship via the postal service chosen by the customer.
Please also note that Free shipping is not available for locations not listed in our normal shipping list.

IMPORTANT: Please note that shipping cost does not include duties, taxes and associated import costs. These fees are paid by the recipient when necessary. The rates depend on the legislation of the country where the order is shipped to; thus, please contact the appropriate authority for further information. Tozando Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any import costs or charges. In this regard, Free Shipping does not mean Tax Free.

Please note that free Embroidery is for up to 10 characters (Alphabet, Katakana or kanji). Embroideries over 10 characters will be charged $10.00 for 10 additional characters.