Tozando Financing Plan

Tozando Financing Plan

Special Financing for individual customers

Thanks to our financing solution for individual customers, you can now spread the cost. Unlike most financing solution provided by online stores, ours does not cost you a thing, meaning no rent and no extra costs.
You can now use the Tozando Financing Plan to purchase Bogu, Iaito or Yoroi armors and pay in up to 6 installments. Financing is the most affordable way to shop on the Tozando online store.

How it works:

For individual customers

  1. Do your shopping in the Tozando online store
    • Choose from our list of eligible products (look for this icon: Financing Plan). Customize your product(s) as desired and add it/them to your cart. Even if one product only in your order is eligible, the whole order can benefit from scheduled payments.
  2. Proceed to checkout
    • when you are done with your order, click on the "checkout" button. On the checkout page, select "Tozando Financing Plan" as a payment method and fill in your credit card details in the order instructions text box.
  3. Get your proposal and start to pay
    • Upon receipt of your order, you will get a Financing Plan proposal within 2 business days. If agreed, the financing solution will be implemented immediately. For example: For a product with an order value of $650.00, and the customer chooses to pay in 6 months, the first installation would be for $150.00, and the rest for an equal value of $100.00.
NOTE: as a condition of this free Financing Plan, the order ships when all payments are completed. For more information on the conditions that apply or if you want to know if your purchase is eligible, do not hesitate to contact us. The financing plan can not be used for orders for outlet products or for other products.