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Shinsakuto Request Form

If you are interested and/or planning to own your original Shinsakuto sword that is all hand-made by the renowned Japanese swordsmith, let us help you out! Simply fill in the following request form and we will email you the details by return.

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You may leave any column in blank if you don't have particular preference.
For Shinsakuto Blade
Purpose: Swordsmith:
Blade Length: Sori:
Motohaba: Motokasane:
Sakihaba: Sakikasane:
Nakago Length: Blade Weight:
Mekugi Hole: Hamon:
Hi: Boshi Length:

For Koshirae Fitting
Tsuka Wrapping: Tsuka Color:
Menuki Positioning: Tsuka Length:
Seppa: Tsukasame Color:
Saya Lacquer: Fuchi/Kashira:
Tsuba: Menuki:
Habaki: Habaki Design:

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