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Aikido Gi & Hakama Aikido Bokken/Tanto/Jo Aikido Accessories Aikido Service

Tozando offers a range of high quality Aikido equipment such as Gi, Hakama and also high quality Bokuto and Jo made from the highest quality Japanese wood! We offer both high quality products made in Japan, and also products made in our overseas facilities under the supervision of our master craftsmen. Of course, no matter where the product is made, our quality assurance remains the same, so you can always expect only the highest quality products from us!

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Aikido Knee Protector Aikido Knee Protector
Our Price: 1,690.00
Name Embroidery on Left Chest Name Embroidery on Left Chest
Our Price: 1,800.00

Kamon(Family Crest) Embroidery Kamon/Family Crest Embroidery
Our Price: 1,800.00

Cotton Bokken Sack
Our Price: 1,800.00
Name Embroidery on Koshiita Name Embroidery on Koshiita
Our Price: 2,000.00

Canvas Bokken Sack Brown
Our Price: 2,000.00
Tozando Aikido Obi Black Belt Tozando Aikido Obi Black Belt
Our Price: 2,250.00

Canvas Jo Sack Brown
Our Price: 2,450.00
Cotton Bo Sack Cotton Bo Sack
Our Price: 2,550.00
Standard Red Oak Bokken Standard Red Oak Bokken
Our Price: 2,950.00
White Oak Tanto White Oak Tanto
Our Price: 3,000.00

Canvas Jo Sack
Our Price: 3,000.00
Jo Carrying Bag Jo Carrying Bag
Our Price: 4,000.00
Tetron Bokken/Jo Sack Tetron Bokken/Jo Sack
Our Price: 4,000.00
Sunuke Tanto
Our Price: 4,200.00
Bo Carrying Bag Bo Carrying Bag
Our Price: 4,500.00
Tozando Basic Tetron Hakama Tozando Basic Tetron Hakama
Our Price: 4,500.00

Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo
Our Price: 4,500.00